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Sidro tamburitza group

The members of Sidro are:

James Gudeli - Bisernica, Vocals

Anthony Gudelj - Bugarija, Vocals

Srecko Barbir - Brac

Will Shanks - Berde, Vocals

Mike Matusich - Accordion, Vocals

Thomas Gudelj - Brac, Vocals

Ivan Bojer - Guitar, Vocals

Sidro, formerly known as Blue Adriatic, is one of Northern California's favorite Croatian Tamburitza Orchestras. For over 20 years, Sidro has been performing throughout California and has notably accompanied San Jose's Koraci Folklore dance group in Croatian Folklore Festivals throughout Canada, and fused Tamburitza music with rock'n'roll when recording on Nenad Bach's, "Thousand Years of Peace".

We specialize in Dalmatian songs, although we do have a versatile repertoire including songs from Bosnia and Hercegovina, Slavonija, and other regions of Croatia. We are firm believers that practically any song can sound good on the Tamburitza. So, we have been know to do versions of popular rock, pop, and even dance songs.